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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Battle Force Keys

My seven year old, Ryan, has been home sick with pneumonia, and while the doctor has ordered rest, I do try to limit the TV and computer time. I’ve tried to get them interested in The Red Balloon and classics like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to little avail (though they do love the Wizard of OZ!) But going on two weeks now, the days are getting a bit longer, so he has watched and rewatched a new favorite, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. I hate these cartoon DVDs. My husband thinks they’re harmless, and then I don’t know what to think, as I am not into boy things (My boys stopped asking me to play super heroes when I refused to fight battles and instead, would have Batman ask Spiderman  over for tea).

Truthfully, some of these commercial obsessions inspire my boys to create their own worlds, imaginary spinoffs of the cartoon ones, except a whole lot better! Ryan has created his own Battle Force, but it’s Battle Force 10, and he has spent countless hours now, creating Battle Force keys. The keys  “Give the cars a lot of power. You get them when you’re in a battle and you can go to that place, wherever you want.  The key makes a portal and the portal takes you to a battle zone.”

When his younger brother came home from school yesterday, he got him making not keys, but some kind of  “Car Powers:”
There’s nothing I like better than to see them creating, and if the inspiration has to come from cartoon stuff I don’t value, so be it. And, while I have little desire to visit a battle zone, when cooped up at home sick for two weeks, who wouldn’t want their own special power key that would open some other portal?

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