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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My first triangles!

The triangle loom, my latest obsession. Love it! 

On the loom now is my third triangle, as I’m attempting my first shawl. Or maybe it will be more of a scarf wrap, we will see – half the fun is not knowing what you're doing until it's done!

I began my first triangle with a tighter weave, and now prefer a loose effect, which really only means weaving on every other nail instead of every nail. What is different about the triangle loom is that you work with one continuous ball of yarn. In  tapestry and on the rigid heddle, there is always the separate yarns or threads for wefts and warps. Here, the warp and weft are one entity. And the other difference is, that even though you do weave side to side, the weaving ends in the middle, on the very last bottom nail. As you can see here, I’m almost to the middle now:

Anyone interested in learning triangle weaving, this site is a great place to start:

I also have triangle videos on my Fiber Hub at:

Here’s what my first two triangles look like. It's a very fuzzy yarn, so the looser weave has made it easier to work with. At the end, it needs to be "fulled," washed with some agitation. Still, I enjoy the raw state of weaves just off the loom!

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