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Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Breaks...

...make me nuts. My husband never gets off, plans fall through as they did this week, and scheduling play dates are next to impossible, with moms of my son's friends who are inaccessible, too busy, my favorite excuse, because their toddlers pull the cord out of the wall and they don't get any  can-we-schedule-a-playdate phone messages. 

Planning play dates is a pain in my "tushy", Kenny, my five year old's favorite word. When I was a kid, I ran out the door after breakfast and showed up for dinner, with scraped knees from crawling through bushes or falling from at the same time trying to ride my bike and roller skate. There WAS no scheduling. Kids just PLAYED.

Now, on the typical two-hour play date, it takes that long for my boys and their friends to figure out WHAT they want to play. They flit from this toy to that toy, until they finally settle on playing knights and castle, get it all set up, and it's time to call it quits. What kind of imaginary pretend play is that?

So now the week is about over, it's pouring rain out, nothing scheduled, and the boys are doing their computer time, quiet time for me, when they don't fight or argue over who touched whose super hero.

Luckily for me, they are close enough in age that, for all of their toddlerhood, they were best buddies and played well together, building caves out of blocks, towers in the sandbox.  You wouldn't believe all the super heros who have jumped from our window sills. And cardboard boxes that have been transformed into batmobiles.

Now it's become more competitive. Who does mommy love more and why? My younger one refuses to like anything the older one likes which is just about everything -- cars, tools, super heros, stuffed animals, even the aquarium: to kill this week, I took them there to kill a day. We haven't been in over a year. Ryan, my seven year old, was his usual exuberant self, couldn't get enough of the sharks, eels, and my favorite, the sea horses. Kenny was done in fiveminutes.  As soon as we hit one tank, he's ready to move on to the next. Done even with the Nemo fish, while Ryan has his nose stuck to the glass.  Everything is "BORING", I realize, because his brother likes it.

So when you have a long winter break, one child who likes everything, so there is nothing left for the younger one to like, except magic tricks (He wants a wand for his birthday), what is there left for them  to do, especially as the week ends on a torrential raining day, and the last of the sledding snow on the little backyard hill melts away? 

You let them do a LITTLE extra computer time. They get to watch a LITTLE of the horrific cartoon network shows they love and mommy HATES.

And mommy gets to be a venting blogging mom for five minutes.

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amazey said...

I completely understand, well sort of. I have a 2 year old daughter and it has taken me 6 months to find other SAHMs of toddlers that actually want to have playdates with me. Since they are so young they don't really play together...more of side by side. But it is quite frustrating to keep your little ones busy so that you can actually get some work done.
Thank you for visiting my blog...following you back!

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