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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rope necklaces with beads

I'm on a ROLL with these necklaces...really fun and rewarding to make, as they are simple but bright, multi-colored. Exciting to see what kind of color combinations I can come up with my rope machine. I'll have to include a picture of that with my next blog. Anyway, this is one I just completed this morning, a choker of yarn and railroad ribbon, that makes for a pearly and elegant feel, with one sweet clear glass bead wrapped in wire:

This one  is of rose salmon and black tones, richly colored -- would look great with a black T!
I really enjoy the sculpting I seem to be doing, as I wrap the beads in wire. New for me, wire!

1 comment:

amazey said...

those are gorgeous. I really like the color combinations for the rope.

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