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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ZIBBET SHOWCASE: Breath of the Dragon Pyrography

If you visit my Zibbet page here, you'll see my showcase of
Zibbet shop links. Zibbet is a wonderful community of fine
crafters. The Zibbet forum is a particularly friendly and
supportive place. 

So in honor of Zibbet and the great folks who have opened
Zibbet shops, I am highlighting items from the links fellow
 Zibbeters have posted on my blog, and here is my second:

This unusual piece is from the Zibbet Shop Breath of the Dragon Pyrography. I know little about pyrography, so this shop I find particularly interesting. To learn more about this art form, visit Connie's profile, where she gives more detail about her unique and custom wood burnings. Although she confesses to a love of mostly black and white designs, I chose one I found particularly striking, not only for its appealing color scheme, but because of the abstraction. This special piece also happens to be for sale, so check it out by clicking the title link above.

1 comment:

Yes I Blog said...

I've never seen pieces like this before. Very cool!

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