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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first Felting Project!

What a revelation! Love the felting. Like actual painting, but with felt, blending colors and transitions:

On my next felting blog, I"ll try to show you some of the steps to get to this point.


Helen Suzanne said...

oo now then! you've really taken to this haven't you! lovely colours too.

Yes, I did run some machine embroidery through that piece. I'm finding that just the simplest of lines can be so suggestive and sharpen the focus of some abstract meldings of fibre. Just a hint though otherwise it becomes an effort at realism doomed to failure, lol!

farah said...

hello sandra, thanks for visiting my site. i went back to yours and enjoyed your posts. your new project is very bright and colourful. i will put you on my blog roll . pl do keep dropping by.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Sandra, no the felting pics are of a layout of fibres ready to be wet felted and then the result after felting. I would then iron it to make it a bit more usable, though I do love the texture here.

Ada said...

That's lovely! Beautiful colors in there; it does remind me of a watercolor. I've dabbled in felting but not enough to feel really "good" at it.

swooosh said...

the colors are lovely! i agree with ada.. it reminds me of my water color..
i'll be following your blog.. hope you do the same.. :)

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful

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