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Monday, December 5, 2011

A GOOD Craft Show

A while back I blogged about one of my craft shows: a BAD craft show. Bad. Really bad. You know, the kind of craft show when even your tent falls to pieces.

This past weekend was a good, no GREAT, show and I'm happy to brag, as I've weaved my little weaving tail off in preparation. It was my first juried fine arts and crafts show, with over 60 vendors, and I actually won the one and only Honorable Mention ribbon! No, it wasn't best in show, or first or even second place, but it's shiny and really blue!

I sold out of my versatile scarf wraps that seemed more novel than I expected.  
Who can resist a novelty?

A great end to my season. 
 And the reason I'm late on my next yarn of a tale, to be posted next; just needs some tweaking now that I'm free to yarn, not in wool but in words again.


Karen said...

Your scarves are gorgeous! You are truly a Renaissance Lady :)

Best, Karen

Barbra said...

Sorry,I didn't see this sooner to say "congrats'!!!

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