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Friday, January 20, 2012

Grumpy Grateful Mom Good News Link up

I'm not a lover of linkys. Rather, I don't like new linky followers who merely post "Hi! new follower here, hope you follow me back!!" Like leaving a penny in those take-a-penny-leave-a-penny cups on cashier counters:

I prefer new linky followers who will go the length of breaking a higher-denomination coin or even a big bill, than merely recycle a penny. Not sure this is the best analogy, but we all would prefer new followers who actually read  our posts, not just leave a penny, right?

But if I can gain even one new follower from my most favorite blogging mom, Grumpy Grateful, I would be honored. She is a big-hearted, funny, genuine, as well as terribly astute lady, who has blogging down to a perfect T. 

And her linky is most challenging, as we must post Good News for the week personally, I prefer to complain.

Here's my Good News: I put my back out again. So I was put back on nice pills! Which meant I got to lie on the couch and not move.

"What's wrong with Mommy?" My six year old asked Daddy. As he'd once asked me what was wrong with the motionless bearded dragon in the tank at their dentist's office. "He doesn't look real," he had said, and I could tell he was wondering the same thing as he gazed wonderingly at me:

Bearded Dragons don't move much, so I too could have been caged behind tank glass Mommy isn't real when she's not in motion, shlepping loads of laundry up and downstairs, picking up their itsy bitsy Legos, or scrubbing toothpaste off bathroom walls.

So my good news for the week is I got to be unreal for a day. Or two.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I hope you feel better soon. Glad you got to be unreal for a day or so. Just hate how you had to do it. Hope you have a good weekend and your back feels better.

E. Arroyo said...

Hope you feel better. =)

handmadefuzzy said...

"enjoy" your being unreal for one or two days! take your brake, you deserve it. But I hope your pain goes away soon!
And my good new is : I get to go to another round of Occupational Therapy..."yeah" (not) Doing this since July, kind of getting old now.
Have a slow and relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better!! I can totally understand you - I'd much rather complain any day...but I'm trying to change lol. Grumpy Grateful Mom's linky is another way to focus on the positive ;)

Totally understand the "Comment Vomit" feeling. I sometimes just want to delete those comments that just say - new follower, follow me back. Love the analogy to the penny cup. Perfect.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your back! Though I'm glad you've had a little "unreal time". Now you just need to take a couple days off when you're not injured. :)

I've just been letting the toothpaste build up lately.

I hope you're doing better!

Melanie said...

I used to wish that I could just be hospitalized for a really bad injury, or something....just so I could take a day or two away from my life of mothering. Of course, I was terribly depressed back then. But still.

I hope you feel better soon. I have recently been battling with chronic back issues myself (a first in my life) and it is NO FUN! AHHH!

By the way, I love your "creations". I am not so talented in that are and I really appreciate anyone who is.

I shall now subscribe to your blog.

Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's said...

The injury part doesn't sound like too much fun. But the resting and the pills? Now there's a party :)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

daytodaymoments said...

I loved your good news and can totally relate. And you know your good news is also "half glass full" kind of way of thinking, which I love. I can relate to linking up as well, but hey I found you over at a link up! ;)

Getting To know you blog hop that is, and happy to have gotten to know you a bit.

Brandi said...

Hope you feel better soon!

And I hope next time you get to have a break when you feel you could maybe do something you want to do. :)

Mommy LaDy Club said...

It's amazing how much you need your back for everything, huh! Every little move gets it. I hope you are getting better, and I love Grumpy Grateful too;) Why don't you come put your handmade shops in our Handmade Market? It's just on our Handmade Market page. Great to meet you!

Diana said...

Ahhh, my aching back...I mean yours. I feel like I'm always grumbling about mine. I'm not a fan of blog hopping, for that very reason. I've been to so many that just say, "following" something like that. Anyway, thanks for popping by my blog.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Visiting from Grumpy Grateful Mom...Hoping you're able to rest on the couch when your back is good! It always sucks that the only way we get to rest is when we're down and out...and even then we usually don't get to. Feel better soon!

Mom of 12 said...

Love Grumpy Grateful! Maybe we could all aspire to be like her...

Lourie said...

Oh I don't envy the back pain. The nice pills are a mix for me. They certainly make you not care. But for me, I am totally comatose for a day and a half after one dose. Take it easy. Enjoy the unrealness.

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