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Friday, February 10, 2012

Good News Friday!

Linking up with my fave lady/mom Grumpy Grateful again, who her sweet self, is all good news. 

So MY Good News this week is that it was my BIRTHDAY!!!

And that's what I yelled at people all day long, when Kenny beat his fists into the couch because his Harry Potter DVD was due back at the library; you would have thought we were casting out his best friend.

But then there were people yelling at me as well: "You HATE me!" Bigger brother Ryan screamed, when I chastised him rightly, I think, for risking cracking Kenny's head open by pushing him down the front steps, just because he didn't want little brother tagging over to a neighbor's house. Who, inconveniently, happens to be HIS best friend.

"I'm leaving! I'm running away!" Ryan yelled dramatically from the street. I knew he would take a walk around the block, get hungry and come in for his afternoon snack of Oreo cookies.

Still. I was cranky. So I yelled after him, for the whole neighborhood to hear, "It's my BIRTHDAY!"

I turned to my husband, the only one, seemingly, to realize that it was my birthday; he'd given me the cool pen I can use on this iPad to get back to my drawing, and the cool camera attachments so I can download my shop photos right here! And he'd planned a wonderful evening out for just the two of us, at a romantic French restaurant.

And he understood.  "Why don't you go take some time for yourself. It's your birthday."

He knew me too well.

So I went shopping.

But as soon as I got to the mall, I remembered that I don't really like shopping.

I used to, before children, but now I'm just a lost soul amongst racks of clothes and beaded necklaces other women pick through seeming to know what they're looking for.

But I couldn't leave without buying myself something. After all, it WAS my BIRTHDAY.

And I'm a sucker for a sale. A bird handbag $50 reduced to TEN!! So I bought this:

I'm not even sure whether I like the bag. But it even has a birdy charm!:

The cashier girl with a tiny skull in her pierced nose couldn't even glance up as she handed me my change, and I thought of yelling at her too, "You know, it's my BIRTHDAY!"

But I was done yelling. It was time to go home and dress for our romantic evening out, at a table for two by the fireplace.

Best part was, it was the night of the Super Bowl, so we nearly had the place to ourselves, except for one other couple, more intent on the taste of their food, it seemed, than in conversing much. Though they would touch fingers across the table. Unlike us, too intent on talking about why the boys behaved so badly today. How romantic.

Yet, this is how much my husband loves me: he hates French food. But willingly suffered through strange main course options like brains, for my sake. And insults as when he dared request a plain steak, and the brunette coiffed Maitre'De quipped: "Of course. We can even serve you french fries with that."
Then we were distracted by the sound of a cat coughing up a fur ball. Or trying to cough it up It was the lady at the other table.

Her husband made her stand up, and grabbed her from behind to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. You would have thought he was performing something else, if you didn't see a jagged piece of meat fly out her mouth, onto the perfectly crisp linen white table cloth.

Screaming or not screaming, imperfect as it was, it was memorable and finally full of love; Ryan and Kenny gave me heart boxes they hammered together themselves at a Home Depot workshop. Daddy suffered french-fry insults from, we realized, the equally insulted Maitre'De who turned out to be the Chef's devoted wife.

Best of all, on my special day, no one choked to death from having a jagged piece of meat go down the wrong pipe.

If you even kinda like me can you vote for me above on Picket Fences? Am I being too forward? Pushy? 


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Ha! I'm glad know one choked to death on your birthday! Quite the memorable day though. I'm glad Ryan decided to stick around. :)

And I love your handbag.

Happy birthday again to you!!!

Raige Creations said...

and oh my goodness! A choking incident when the restaurant was so empty.
Still, a night along with your hubby is priceless when you have young boys. Glad you got to enjoy it.


Happy belated birthday!!! You have a wonderful way with words and enjoyed your story.

Rumpydog said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you are able to find the humor in your life. You are truly blessed!

Janelle @ Emmaline said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for popping over to the Emmaline Bags & Patterns blog. I don't usually drop blog names, but as I see you write too, I wanted to pass on a blog of my very best friend who loves to write and has a blog that inspires writers. A lot of her earlier blog posts are about writing, and lately she's also been dabbling with local events or happenings in her life but always with a little inspirational twist. Her link is

Janelle @ Emmaline said...

PS I'm following you on Linky Followers.

JennyLynn said...

First, let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday. You are an amazing writer. I enjoyed reading your post. It was like reading a page out of my own journal. I am following you now. Let me not forget to thank-you now for stopping by my blogging's and leaving sweet comments.

Going now to vote for you on Picket Fences.

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