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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm stuck.

I've cleaned up my weaving table (as clean as it can be):


Having finished another triangle shawl:

And now I can't decide what to do next. Either another shawl, a rose colored one with ribbon??

Or take a break from shawl world to return to my needle felting, like this one:

...with these wet-felted pieces. That didn't felt too well:

It's the end-of-January winter blues, as unseasonably warm as it was here on the east coast today. Maybe I'm just longing for something seasonal, like snow. I don't know...

What should I doooo?


DiveDva said...

I LOVE the pink!!! I think you should make another shawl!

Michele of By Your Side said...

I knit and have done needle felting, so I am not a huge help, except I am loving the pink combo!! Which says a lot because I usually don't dig on pink!! Unseasonably warm here over on the west coast too... kinda missing some winter!!

Deni Breitenbach said...

Relax!~ Breath and calm yourself... don't stress about it, allow the crafting to be your therapy.
Those of us who craft and do handmade need to allow ourselves a moment in between ~ it is easy to feel pressured to create, when sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to breathe.
Remember WHY you do this!

MsXpat said...

Lovely work! I feel all snuggly just by looking at your shawl! Chill for a bit and seek inspiration for your next peace from nature. Something with a winter theme? Or thinking of Spring a piece that bright and cheery? Whatever you decide I look forward to seeing a pic of it.

Anonymous said...

I really love the pink, too. And the shawl looks so warm and soft!!

Marie Z. Johansen said...

You taunt me with the shawl loom in the photograph! Eeeckkkk - I can;t look - I can;t give into fiber lust. I must guard my wallet .. but then you go and remind me!

Wonderful work! I also love the faux fur - I got a long skinny for the holidays from a girlfriened - in lime green of course !

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