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Thursday, February 2, 2012

You know that last shawl I told you I finished?  The STUNNING one pictured in my last post? The faux fur one? (SO it's faux. Still furry and sweet against the skin. Or NOT against the skin! Over a turtleneck! However you want to drape or twist it!) 

Well, it's listed now in my Zibbet shop, if you just can't resist, with all that spare cash this wonderful economy has made your wallet fat with.

I mean, LOOK how cozy and irresistible it is on me:

Don't you just wish this were YOU? Don't answer that.

 But if this faux one isn't for you, there will be other nonfaux but equally furry or fuzzy soft shawls to be listed (reasonably) soon. Now I need a clementine break. Posting makes me yearn for something fruity.


Michele of By Your Side said...

LOVELY shawl!!
I just had peanut butter toast!!
Have you decided which project your going to do yet??

Lynne said...

I love shawls and ponchos! Currently I have too many... :( But could add it to my Christmas list for next year!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Very lovely! I'm really liking blue lately;)

DMarie Michael said...

New follower here - from the blog hop weekend. :-)

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