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Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for "Ginormous"

"It was ginormous," Kenny said, holding his arms outstretched. The dragon in his dream, and that was just the length of his claws. His wings were as "ginormous" as the house.

Not even sure how to spell ginormous, but some squashed-up version of giant and enormous.

The meaning of "ginormous", as Kenny has gotten older, has morphed into the more realistic, but when he was younger, maybe five, most things in his world, even the smallest could be ginormous. An inch worm he'd tried to catch hanging from the trees was as big as a man-eating snake. "It was ginormous."

His brother loved to challenge him: "If it was so ginormous, why couldn't you catch it?"

"YOU wouldn't want to try to catch something as ginormous as that. It could EAT you."

At the beach he tried to catch a minnow "as big as a beaver." But it was too ginormous for even his net. And even if he did catch it, it would have been too ginormous for his pail.

"No beavers in the ocean," Big brother was quick to correct. "Not like they can chew any trees around here, for a dam or anything...."

"I said ginormous AS. Not it WAS a beaver...." Kenny said, fishing for more beaver-big minnows.

Now ginormous are mostly the dragons or man-eating snakes in his dreams, but it can also be the red-tailed hawk spotted on their school playground. Or squirrels, as they are indeed big and fat around here; the various tom cats that sprint like foxes through the woods. Raccoons caught in headlights are indeed ginormous. So, honestly, are the roadkill possum mounds we can pass driving to school. "Ewwww. ginormous yuck ginormous."

Ryan can be more thoughtful. "No. That was dead. That was sad ginormous."

When Kenny was a toddler his excuse for not being able to do anything you asked him to do, like go sit on the potty to poop rather than in his training pants, or pick up the popsicle stick he'd dropped on the kitchen floor was: "I can't because I'm too big."

Maybe what he really meant, was that he was too ginormous.


Lynn Proctor said...

i love it---very ginormous!

Paula Martin said...

Fun post - ginormous is one of my favourite words!

Jenn said...

Oh --this was a great story!! Sandra--I swear you have to make these into a book. Okay-- I know I've probably said that already--but just incase I haven't!! Looking forward to H!!

Cheers, Jenn

Abracadebra Designs said...

Loving the word Ginormous!!! Being just 5 feet, everything is ginormous to me ;) I agree with Jenn's comment that you really need to put these stories into a book.

danneromero said...

Great word. And great how you weaved it into a story. Kudos.

Nikki said...

Aww, this was so cute. I love that word and still use it in certain situations ''mum, quick, can you come and catch this ginormous spider?" :D

Nikki – inspire nordic

Jo said...

Ginormously good story! ♥

Denine Severino Taylor said...

This is lovely and sweet. And now I'm sure of the spelling of the "G-word". Thanks!!!

November Rain - k~ said...

Fantastic tales of real life through the eyes of a writer/mom. Gads if Kenny becomes a writer, he can take all of that wonderful imagination and set it to ink... or cyber as the case may be. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! Kenny is a doll...

Tonja said...

Cute story. :)

Joyce Lansky said...

It's funny how things that seem ginormous to us as kids shrink with age.

Catch My Words

Kathy said...

Wonderful story, and cool word.


Suzy said...

cute story and I love the word ginormous. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Andrea Coventry said...

I love the word "ginormous." I fondly remember arguing with one of my Aspie students about it, because he said it wasn't a real word. Eventually I was able to prove to him that it was now being used as a real word and it became one of his favorites. Thank you for triggering that memory. :-)

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