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Friday, April 20, 2012

A-Z Challenge: R is for Rotten

R is for rotten.

Or ripe.

Depending on your vantage point of the lone banana relegated to the bottom of the fruit bowl.

"It's not ripe, it's rotten," my husband said. His morning cereal topped with sliced ripe banana is a religion. His cereal sat ungarnished as my husband pouted into the cavernous fruit bowl.

But I am a renegade when it comes to siding with those who religiously refuse to ingest the seemingly "rotten" – I peeled that however badly blemished banana right there and then, and ate it in front of, not only my husband, but my petrified children. For them, the rotten is, because of some tiny nick, the otherwise perfectly unblemished ripe apple.

Then there is the other rotten. My mother's favorite. "Oh, that's so rotten!" she loves to say when someone steals a parking space just as we're waiting to turn into it. Gramma, at least, can be perfectly right about the rotten. Though it can make her too ripe for reaping revenge on the ruthlessly thoughtless parking-space stealer, if only with a rattling of her rather bony fist.


Lynn Proctor said...

you are a stronger woman than me--i love bananas but couldn't eat an overly ripe one knowingly haha--great points and post

baygirl32 said...

I would have a made banana bread :))

Happy A to Z

Julie Jordan Scott said...

LOL. Your writing is perfectly robust with humor and is unrivaled for the radical use of R.


Not at all ROTTEN, I might add!

Julie Jordan Scott
Fellow A to Z Challenge Writer
twitter: @juliejordanscot
R is for Rosmarie
On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World

Paula Martin said...

No way could I eat an over-ripe banana - yuck!

November Rain - k~ said...

Hehehhe... that's fun, the play on different types of "rotten." As for eating the over ripe bananas, I just can't do it, I prefer mine just past ripe, with a little bit of green still at the stem.

When our household sees the browning bananas though, they get a gleam in their eyes, when they see completely rotten bananas they start to drool, it's all in the banana bread. I think sometimes they purposely let them ripen far too much, so that I will make another batch.

Kathy said...

Black, over ripe bananas give me the willies!! You are pretty brave to eat one of those! LOL


Anonymous said...

I love the way you played between the two words and perspectives of rotten and ripe. Personally I too would have made banana muffins. visiting from a to z.

Joyce Lansky said...

The over ripe "rotten" bananas are the best.

As for parking space stealers, those folks ARE rotten. I once had a horse's butt--who'd passed a spot--put her car in reverse (after seeing my signal light) and block the driver from leaving until I gave her MY spot. I felt bad for the driver trying to leave, so I backed up. I was so ticked I considered keying the car. I behaved myself.

Catch My Words

Jo said...

Very cute!

Jenn said...

Those overly ripe bananas make WONDERFUL, Delicious and down right YUMMY Banana Bread!!

You go Mom!!

Cheers, Jenn

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