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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A-Z Challenge: Z is for Zebra

When he was five, he hoped the Easter Bunny wouldn't leave the usual cutesy stuffed rabbit thing sticking out of his basket.

'I really hope I get a zebra instead," he'd said one night before Easter, at bedtime when his mother lay next to him. When they'd whisper dreamily in the veiled glow of his seashell nightlight.

His mother listened best to him in this veiled light, better than when she was making dinner and he tried to show her one of his new magic tricks. "Incredible," she would say, but he always could tell her attention was more on whatever she was stirring in some pot.


He went on to tell her that if he could be any animal, that's what he would be, a zebra.

She brushed the hair back off his forehead. "And what is it you like so about the zebra?"

He really didn't know. Maybe the name, zeeeeebraaaa. Or the cool black zig-zaggy stripes. Or maybe simply because it was the complete opposite of his brother's favorite, the silly long-necked giraffe. He'd fed one of those a carrot once and was repelled by its ginormous tongue.

He wouldn't mind feeding a zebra. Feeding a zebra he bet would be like feeding the goats at the local farm. And if tomorrow a tornado tore him away forever, he'd want to come back in another life as a zebra, and he told his mother so.

She lay back and they stared up at the ceiling, at his plastic glow-in-the-dark stars. She sighed. "Zebras live on wide open plains. They can run pretty fast I bet...."

She sounded distant now. As when she would be stirring something in a pot, and he said, "Well, if I can't be a zebra, then I'd come back as a poisonous frog."

This snatched back her attention. She laughed. "You want to poison us all?"

"No, they're just cool looking too. Sometimes even orange. But I don't want one of those in my Easter basket."

And he didn't get one. He got the zebra. And his brother, well he got the giraffe:

Thanks to all you steadfast Challenge followers. I've made new friends and plan to be dropping by your own cozy little blogging abodes, for cyber coffee.
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I'm already missing you!



Amy Morgan said...

Fabulous Zebra post (and I LOVE the picture!). I also posted on Zebra's today - someting tells me there will be quite a few of us and I look forward to the differing stories. :) Will be sure to comeback on Tuesdays.

Lynn Proctor said...

awwww sweet story--i have a soft spot for zebras too :)

Abracadebra Designs said...

I was wondering what you would come up with for Z. Another sweet story about your children is what.Great post and yes Zebras are cool.

Amy McMunn Schindler said...

VERY sweet story! And I love the picture!

Jenn said...

What a wonderful story!! I love the picture too :)

What a way to take A to Z out with a bang!

Cheers, Jenn

Paula Martin said...

Lovely story, so glad he got his zebra!

Kathy said...

Lovely story,and I love the picture of the kids with their giraffe and zebra!
Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge!!


danneromero said...

cute story, sandra...
thanks for commenting so much on my posts.. i look forward to reading more of your creative writes... :)

Joyce Lansky said...

Unfortunately, they aren't the nicest animals.

Catch My Words

Blair Villanueva said...

i havent seen an actual zebra (shame) Hope I could someday.

Beverly Diehl said...

Zebras rocks.

Don't know if you followed the link on my Snopes post, but Mr. Ed was actually... a zebra.

Great story, and lovely way you have of telling it.

Sandi Holland said...

Hi Sandra:

You know how I am, busy as 3 bees. Knew I'd touch some cat-lovers hearts with my heartfelt post.

If you see this, busy lady, point me to where you post your challenges and I'll look on this blog for a link too. Maybe I can join one.

You gave me an idea about an art stamp design when you said "cyber coffee."

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