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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z Daily Challenge: Q is for Q-Tips

You think they're just for cleaning your ears. At least my husband does; he likes to walk around the house sweeping a fuzzy little Q-tip in and around the labyrinth of an ear, wandering rooms as he does brushing his teeth (a bad habit the boys have picked up as well. Toothpaste dribble, along with the usual melted juicy-pop puddles, dot our wood floors).

In any case, if you have kids, you've figured out that Q-tips are also great for art projects. Great for glueing down into pictures. Or twisting into complicated little architectural phenomenons.

My now seven year old has always loved Q-Tips. And when he discovered where Daddy keeps his stash, on the bottom open bathroom shelf, he would climb up on the toilet seat and grab a handful.

Some would drop, and you could find a trail of them through the house. Kind of like the trail of cheese-stick wrapper or dirty socks.

Kenny likes to try and make things disappear, and this can mean Q-tips as well. "Magic!" He said, one armpit tightly closed but not tight enough to entirely hide a tiny white Q-tip head.

"It's under your arm," Ryan said, rolling his eyes.

Kenny can get real mad when Ryan figures out his magic tricks, and I expected him to storm up to his room. But he was happily distracted by the other hundred or so Q-tips he'd arranged in a plastic cup.

Then one evening after his shower, my husband comes downstairs looking alarmed. "I'm out of Q-tips!"


Lynn Proctor said...

they are handy little things--i just used some yesterday, to apply color on my brows--cute post

Sherry Gloag said...

When he repaired cameras for a hobby (before the days of digital cameras) DH was always usiing Q-tips for cleaning the lense, and other caamera parts before reasembling the camera.

Kathy said...

They come in real handy for applying makeup too!! Great post!!


Jenny said...

i like to use q-tips when i clean out my doll's eyes and joints. :) or for making a mess with on the bathroom floor when im trying to get one out of the box. xD you can always tell where i've been.

Paula Martin said...

I'm sure someone's made a list somewhere of 101 things you can do with a Q-tip!

Abracadebra Designs said...

I like to use Q-tips to spread glue on the backs of cabachons to glue down to backing material when I am doing bead embroidery. On a side note, when my daughter was little she did not play with q-tips, but played with band-aids. I can't count the times that I had to go running out to buy them for emergency boo-boo repair because the box in the medicine cabinet was mysteriously empty.

Joyce Lansky said...

At least they're cheap. Time to buy them in bulk.

Jenn said...

Boys are so inventive. I love Q-Tips-- I could clean my ears all day. (Of course I have a better hiding place for them--my kids don't know where to find them!) LOL

Cheers, Jenn

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